Setting GoalsJanuary is a good time to take stock of where you’re heading, and an excellent tool for the task is my book, Setting Goals That Count. First published more than 30 years ago, it’s now available in an updated edition from Jordan Publishing.

Readers say their first “Ah-Ha!” moment comes when they see the difference between making plans (which all of us do every day) and setting life goals. Life goals are snapshots of the kind of person you will be this year, next year, and for the rest of your life. That calls for deep, critical thinking. Prayerful thinking.

And that’s what Setting Goals That Count leads you to do.

I’ve used the exercises in this book to assess the direction of my life again and again. They are rooted in Scripture, and help me discern how I can best honor God with life decisions I’m making. They’ll do the same for you.

Available in print or Kindle eBook versions, Setting Goals That Count is just a click away at–To order, click HERE.