I heard Amanda Luedeke, an agent for the MacGregory Literary Agency, speak to our Indiana chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers in Fort Wayne last month about how authors can build a more effective social media platform. Her practical, field-tested ideas were so appealing that I bought a copy of her new book, The Extroverted Writer, which is devoted to this subject. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Amanda’s no stranger to marketing, having created campaigns for Vera Bradley and other national brands. Since becoming a literary agent, she has impressed upon her clients that personal marketing is vital for an author in any field.

But her title pinpoints a character flaw that handicaps most writers, including myself: We are introverts.

Introversion may not be much of a problem for shepherds, fire-tower sentinels, or gravediggers, but it’s a definite obstacle for someone whose calling and life work is communicating with others. God has a droll sense of humor in this regard: He likes to call introverts to be mass communicators! So we have to learn not only how punctuate a compound-complex sentence, but how to write blogs and answer e-mails en masse.

In some ways, this is the toughest discipline of being a writer. And it takes the most practice!