I hear a lot of talk about the “Great Recession,” but it might be more accurate to describe this summer as the Great Apprehension or the Great Dread. People are worrying themselves sick about what will happen if Greece does this or Spain does that or Congress does nothing. (We know at least one of those is inevitable, right?)

To put things in perspective, I just pulled out a mortgage banker’s interest rate card that I used when selling homes in Grand Rapids back in 1990. The lowest rate on the card was 8% (no bank offered it), and the highest was 21%. Believe it or not, people with prime credit ratings still bought houses and paid those rates for mortgages back then.

I hope those days don’t come back. But if they do, we will find ways to adjust. And I believe the people most adept at adjusting to social, political, or economic upheaval are those who know clearly the purpose God has given them.

As Victor Frankl would say, “A man who knows WHY can bear with almost any HOW.”