Bible Study Resource Guide

Thirty years ago, Thomas Nelson Publishers released my first book, The Bible Study Resource Guide. It’s been in print with scarcely a break for all this time, has gone through 3 editions, and is now with its third publisher with a new name: Swords and Whetstones.

I’ve encountered the book in expected places across the years: at a Christian bookstore at Sarnia, Ontario; in the open stack of a Reformed college library; and in the studies of pastors from various denominations (including that of a famous radio preacher).

It has spurred some unexpected long-distance telephone conversations, too. I remember getting a call one Saturday night from a Sunday school teacher down South, who had used the book to prepare her lessons. She got my phone number from the publisher and called to say, “Thank you.” A few months ago, the dean of a Christian college in Kansas City called to purchase some copies. “I’m glad it’s still in print,” she said. “It’s been the textbook for our introductory Bible study course for years.”

I can only marvel at how God multiplies our efforts for his Kingdom. He said they would be “like bread cast upon the waters” to disintegrate and scatter to the far corners of the world, feeding his creatures everywhere. And so they have.