Recommended reading for the week: Chaplain Mike Spencer’s new post on “Two Churches that Closed Down the Show.” He shares the provocative story of two pastors who guided congregations into an era of rapid growth by using “entertainment evangelism,” a model that’s often imitated in the evangelical world today. Then they came to realize that their church members were little more than consumers of ministry, not ministers themselves. One of these pastors (Walt Kallestad) explained it this way:

Too many were observing the show but not meeting God. They meandered in and out of relationships but weren’t in real community. They sought their spiritual fix but didn’t give themselves fully to Christ.

This has been a burden of my heart for some time now. Christ seeks disciples who will grow in order to help others grow,  be spiritually enriched so he can enrich the lives of others through them. We rarely see communities of spiritual transformation comprised of believers like this, but they are what the world desperately needs.

The apostolic church lo0oked like this. I believe the church of the future will look like this, too.